Poco's Wondrous Bag... of Tricks

Session 1 - 2010 07 19
Hightower Tor - The Inception

The story starts on a stretch of highway where large, dangerous storms are commonplace. This has led to the formation of a traveller’s convention known as “Stormpeace”. When seeking shelter during hazardous weather, parties encountering one another may invoke the “Pact of Stormpeace” which means that all differences are set aside in the interest of shared survival.

A monster of a storm has been brewing for the last hour, and with the weather taking a deadly turn, a large tor standing alone in the barren landscape offers the best hope for shelter. Quite by happenstance, the heretofore unacquainted PCs find themselves all within striking distance of this very hill, and encounter one another as they escape the driving rain. Stormpeace is quickly agreed upon by all present as they examine their surroundings and see a large, stone arch in the recesses of the tor’s overhang. As a historically battle-torn region, the monstrous races that bled and died here crafted fortresses and, subsequently, monuments to their fallen heroes out of natural geography. This particular tor is identified as “Hightower Tor”, a tomb typical of those left behind once the conflicts had resolved.


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